Our store is the best source for all your hobby needs! 

Established in 1991 and having fun with our hobbies ever since, we have over 3 decades of collecting knowledge and experience that gives us the unique ability to acquire & market the highest quality authentic collectibles & other items.  Plainly stated, we know about this stuff! 

If you're looking to add that special piece to your personal collection, please come give our shop a look.  We are always actively seeking the highest quality pieces from around the globe, & we always have a massive selection of vintage & rare items to view.

If you're looking to sell your valuables, we will first appraise their value free of charge, providing you with our qualified & professional opinion.  If we feel that your items are of quality, we will offer you funds directly or offer our consignment services, each guaranteed to get you top-dollar.

Please consider All-Stars Collectibles regardless of your needs, you will not be dissappointed! 
About All-Stars Collectibles
"Few things should be more vital to you, as a parent, than to get your kids hooked on hobbies & collecting at a young age;  Once a collector always a collector - collecting provides your children with a lifetime of amusement & fascination, it becomes part of who they are.  It develops their minds.  It's all good."

- Warren Wolk, Owner
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