You are cordially invited to join hundreds of other Magic the Gathering fans on Saturday &/or Sunday, April 2 &/or 3, 2016 for our GIANT PHILADELPHIA-TRENTON AREA MAGIC SHADOWS OVER INNISTRAD PRERELEASE WEEKEND events!  These are the latest of many officially sanctioned Magic tournaments that we host in the enormous OXFORD VALLEY MALL COMMUNITY ROOM.  This venue allows us to spread out & enjoy the game more than ever before, with large tables & lots of comfortable seats.  We've been running huge events in this great venue for years now, so come attend our well-run prerelease event(s) in grand style!


Saturday & Sunday, April 2 &/or 3, 2016!
Attend Saturday &/or Sunday! Save $5 by buying Sat/Sun combo tickets!
Optional "Side Event" Prereleases Saturday Only!

Morning Main Events start promptly at 10:00 AM. 
Community Room opens at 9:00 AM.

In addition to our fantastic Sealed Deck Main Event on BOTH days,
We're also running
(Saturday at 3:00, Sunday at 1:00; 4 rounds only! Entry $55 per team)

Events will conclude no later than 9:00 PM.
*Please be on time, otherwise you risk forfeiting the first round of the event.

Oxford Valley Mall Community Room
2300 East Lincoln Highway
Langhorne, PA 19047
*The community room is located on the 2nd floor of the mall,
adjacent to the main entrance & the big outdoor water fountain. 
Easy directions will be given when you buy tickets at All-Stars Collectibles or by clicking the FIND US link above!

Tickets: Tickets cost $30 per player per sealed event, or purchase a combo ticket for both days' Main Events for $55.  Two-Headed Giant events are $55/team) Tickets can be purchased at our All-Stars Collectibles retail location on the outside of Oxford Valley Mall (cash or charge) or at the Community Room (cash only) at the event itself.  Tickets are available NOW & right up to the days of the big events  We will open our store's doors at 8:30 AM on the  event days for last-minute ticket sales.  Register early to not miss any events!  Click here for store location & hours.


What you get: Your entry fee(s) entitles you to the following:

1) We will be offering you the opportunity to participate in a whole weekend of Shadows Over Innistrad prerelease fun!  Each Main Event ticket will get you a special Prerelease Package containing 6 Boosters, a rare Promo Card, a spindown life counter & more with which to build your deck.  On Saturday at 3 pm & Sundays at 1 om we'll be firing our Two-Headed Giant Events. THG costs $55 per two-man team.  On Saturday at noon we will start a series of 8 or 16-player sealed-deck prerelease "side events" and will continue as interest dictates.  Side events cost $30 each. You get to play with the new cards from this exciting set for hours - nobody gets eliminated until the events are over or you quit to start another!  Like all All-Stars' Magic Tournaments, the prize pool will be HUGE with additional Shadows Over Innistrad boosters going to all that make the top16!

2) The chance to mix, mingle & trade cards with the local Magic Community in a large, clean, well-lit & climate-controlled venue.  Canned drinks will be available for just $1 as will all kinds of Magic products & supplies.  The Community Room is also in close proximity to the Mall Food Court.  Sorry, cash sales only in the community room.

3) Our exclusive Magic the Gathering vendor & former Vintage World Champion Joel Lim & his crew will be on-hand both days with a world-class selection of Magic singles.  Joel will also be aggresively buying Magic singles as well!

4) We will be raffling off Battle Over Innistrad booster boxes & other MTG goodies at the event, chances are only $5 each & the boxes will be available for pickup at our SHADOWS OVER INNISTRAD LAUNCH PARTY on April 8th at 6 PM in our retail store!  Imagine scoring a whole box of Shadows Over Innistrad for only $5!!!  It happens at all of our Prerelease events!

Just added to our Raffles both days : 8' table Sized playmats With Amazing Art!  

*All participants must have a valid DCI Number at time of registration.  Don't have one?  No sweat!  We'll give you one when you sign up free of charge!

* Please read & be aware of our EVENT FAQ prior to attending!  We reserve the right to ban anyone from this & all future events for any reason we deem appropriate.  (Sorry, it's our party!)

Call Us 215-752-4500                                                                                               18 Oxford Valley Mall, Langhorne, PA 19047